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Our Bio / Our Gear

Our Biography

While NOMAD has been an established and respected member of the local & regional Original Music 'Scene' for over 15 years, their music remains fresh in a sometimes stale genre. Hard hitting original riffs that bring emotion to their fans is what NOMAD has to offer.

The NOMAD vision came to life early on in the mind of Jay Mitchell. Born with a desire to express himself musically. The original NOMAD was formed sometime in the mid '90's with Jay on Vocals & Guitar, Rob Carrol on Drums, & Billy 'Nomad' Jones on Bass. This is where the heart & soul of the Nomadic Souls was born.

While working in a side project, 'Circle of Thorns', Billy Nomad & Rob Carrol became friends with guitarist Dom Scoppetto. With the disbanding of 'Circle of Thorns', Dom came on board with NOMAD full time as their Lead Guitarist.

And so it began.

As NOMAD continued to write and began to gig, it wasn't long before they picked up local attention & a fan base grew. Unfortunately as NOMAD made their plans to record their debut release, tragedy struck the band with the untimely death of drummer Rob Carrol in September of 2001.

As you could imagine, this was quite the setback for NOMAD, but their determination & focus became stronger. Jay, Billy & Dom continued to rehearse, sharing ideas, and forming strong musical bonds.

Fate shuffles the deck....

Shortly after the death of Rob, Kris Mitchell (wife of Jay) makes friends with co-worker Joe Land, and discovers that he plays the drums. By the end of 2001 Joe Land was behind the drums.

By the spring of 2002, with a strong fire in their soul, NOMAD was ready to tour. NOMAD would never refuse a show, playing 3-5 times every month for the next few years. With this extensive gigging schedule the band would grow into the strong cohesive unit it is today. The rhythm section was once again tight and on point, and the fan base once again grew.

While performing at a regional Battle of the Bands (their first) in early 2002, NOMAD took Second Place & the attention of Producer/Engineer Chuck Rubano of 'Capture Records'. After a short negotiation NOMAD would begin the recording of their Debut Release 'Out Of The Darkness' at Capture Records Coventry CT studio mid 2002. The album was released in the beginning of 2004 with a great reception. The band continued it's busy gigging schedule to promote the album.

International Recognition

As Out Of The Darkness was nearing completion, NOMAD began to shop for an Independent Record Label. A new startup label out of Germany, 'Insanity Records' showed great interest in NOMAD in late 2002. Insanity Records was creating compilation discs of many of their top signed acts and wanted NOMAD on the Volume 1 release. After careful review NOMAD agreed to pre-release 'Wasting Away' on Insanity Records initial press release and compilation album titled 'Insane Tracks Vol.1', released worldwide on New Years Day 2003 (the track was incorrectly labeled 'Lifeline' on the release). NOMAD continued to tour, releasing Out Of The Darkness in January 2004, promoting with Insanity Records as their label.

Unfortunately Insanity Records went bankrupt, releasing all interests in NOMAD in late 2004.

Back to our roots

With the release from Insanity Records, NOMAD continued to gig regularly, creating and promoting a vast network of local and regional bands.

For the next 3 years NOMAD would continue to tour regionally due to the efforts of Billy Nomad and his endless energy to pursue and create a solid music scene network, where bands supported each other, promoted together, and shared resources. Due to Billy Nomad's relentless desire to "make it in the business", NOMAD enjoyed successful tours opening for major label acts 3-4 times a year. NOMAD also extensively toured throughout CT & NY, "never refusing a show'. Also during this time drummer Joe Land briefly left the band.

Full Circle?

In late 2006 Drummer Joe Land returned, with his return show headlining Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. It was billed as their 'Re-Release Reunion' show, with top acts from the area opening the night.

For the following 2-1/2 years NOMAD would continue to enjoy the fruits of Billy Nomad's toil to create a robust music scene on the Tri-Sate Area, & enjoyed successful tours opening for major label acts as well as numerous local Band Showcases.

In 2009 Joe Land left the band to start a family and focus on his professional career. He remains a true friend, and is still a part of the NOMAD family.

Following the final departure of Joe Land, NOMAD once again found themselves auditioning drummers. In 2010 Jeromy Micciche joined NOMAD as their full time drummer.

Deja Vu

Just as NOMAD was recovering from the departure of Joe Land, tragedy struck the band again with the unexpected illness and passing of Billy Nomad in 2011. Our hearts are eternally heavy from this loss. Billy Nomad was more than just a bassist. He was a true artist, who made the CT music scene a bustling network of up and coming artists with his devotion to his craft. He is deeply missed, and while 'The show must go on', there will NEVER be another 'Billy Nomad'.

In dedication to their brother, Jay and Dom will use the sir-name 'Nomad" in his honor. RIP Billy Nomad.

The Interlude

For the next few years, Jay, Dom & Jeromy continue to rehearse and interview bassists. Many, many talented players came through our studio, but unfortunately while they were great players, none would 'click' with the band. At one point Jay and Dom had decided they needed a break, and a short 'break' was taken.

In 2013 Jay, Dom & Jeromy reunited and began to once again search for a bassist. Mid 2013 Paul Mentz auditioned for the part. We knew he had the ability, so we asked him back for another audition to see if he would fit with our writing style. After this second audition we knew we had found our new bassist and Paul was welcomed into the band.

The Curveball

In the spring of 2015, Jeromy announced that his professional career is moving him and his family out of the state, and that he would be leaving NOMAD. Once again NOMAD found themselves searching for a replacement member.

Jeromy is deeply missed, and to this day remains a good friend to us all. We wish him all the best.

The Future

Dom's longtime friend, Bill Swenning, had been telling him how he had been once again playing the drums, practicing at home for the last few months. This sparked Dom interests as he already knew that Bill's personality would fit the band perfectly. After a few jam sessions with Dom at Bill's house he was asked to audition for the band.

Bill hit a home run with his audition and was immediately asked to join the band.

The four current members of NOMAD take their different styles and influences and combine them into a unified sound that is meant to inspire a fun and rocking experience for the listener. They have already written new songs, as well as recorded their first EP together, with a full length CD in the works for release next year.

Our Gear

Jay Mitchell

Vocals / Guitar

Jay plays Gibson Les Paul guitars and his current #1 is an Ebony Les Paul Studio with the stock Gibson pickups, strings are Ernie Ball Slinkys.

Jay gets his signature rhythm grind through a boosted Crate Blue Voodoo all tube amp & matching BV 4X12 cab loaded with Celestions V30's.

His vocals are straight up through an SM58 mic, into a loud PA!

Dom Scoppetto

Lead Guitar

Dom also takes the time proven Les Paul / Tube Amp approach to his sound. His main guitars are a Wine Red Les Paul Signature T, and a 1974 White Les Paul Custom he's owned since 1984. Both guitars are loaded with Bill (& Becky) Lawrence L-500 pickups and use Ernie Ball Slinkys.

For amps, Dom favors Mesa Boogie. His main stage rig has been a Mesa Rectifier since 2001 (Triple Recto), switching to a Mesa Roadster in 2007.
The Roadster has been custom modified by Trace at Voodoo Amps to suit Dom's style, and also features Mercury Magnetics transformers.
Dom will also tour with a Mesa Mark V.

Dom's cabinets are Mesa Rectifier 4X12's, Loaded with 2 Mesa V30's and 2 Eminence Swamp Thangs.

Dom's stage rack houses a Line 6 G90 Wireless, Korg Tuner, Crybaby Rack Wah, & TC Electronics G-Major. Also in the rack is an '808' modified TS9 Tube Screamer, MXR Phase 90 (through a custom parallel mixer), Xotic SP Compressor, Xotic EP Booster, Strymon El Capistain, & ISP Decimator II.
All pedals are routed through a Voodoo Labs GCX. Full rig MIDI Control is though a Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro.

Paul Mentz

Bass Guitar

Paul can't be happy with only 4 strings. His current #1 guitar is a 6-string Modulus Quantum Bass, named 'The Coffee Table', #2 is a Washburn Mercury Series 5 string aka 'Anger Management'.

Paul likes powerful Solid State amps, his current rig is a Crate B200XL coupled with Gallien Krueger 115T & 410-sbx bass cabinets.
He shakes the whole damn studio.

Out front Paul's signal passes through an Ernie Ball volume pedal, Morley PBA-2 duel bass wah, Boss OBD-3 bass overdrive, Boss CEB-3 bass chorus, & Boss RV-5 bass digital reverb pedals.

When Paul is not playing his bass, he will re-arrainge Dom's stuff.

Bill Swenning

Drums / Percussion

Bill has been playing drums since an early age, and currently sits upon a DW Throne and plays a Pearl Session kit, topped with Evans skins.
Pedals are Tama Iron Cobra, Cymbals are Zildjian. While Bill is a 'righty', he sets up and plays 'lefty'.

He beats the hell out of it all with the biggest Vic Firth sticks he can find.

Bill has also been known to destroy his Simmons/Roland practice kit. Sooner or later GC will cut off his Pro Coverage.